DNA from old bones

Jason Mills Mills_h at a1.mscf.upenn.edu
Fri Jul 2 15:45:08 EST 1993

In article <9306251536.AA14638 at pooh.UCSD.EDU>, andy at POOH.UCSD.EDU (Andy
Dizon) wrote:
> We have a need to amplify DNA from museum skull specimens.  When there is 
> skin tissue stuck on the old bones, we expect we won't have any trouble.
> However, what about cleaned bones?  We'd appreciate any hints, references,
> warnings (old curses, etc.) regarding extraction methods.

Last year, at Penn, we had a guy from the NCI come and speak (I think he
may have been the director, in fact).  He talked about extracting DNA from
sabre tooth tiger bones that had been preserved in La Brea tar pits.  I
don't know if their protocol has been published or not (a Med-line search
of "sabre-tooth" probably would not take too much time 8-), if you're
interested).  I think they used either kerosene or gasoline (don't know
what octane, though) and were successful enough to place the sabre-tooth in
its proper place in the large cat family.

Mills_J at a1.mscf.upenn.edu

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