Aerosol Resistant Tips for PCR RXNs

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>A question for those heavily involved with PCR: Are aerosol resistant tips 
>(pipette tips with those built-in filters) a necessity or just a gimmick?  
>If they're indispensible, can you suggest a supplier (in the U.S.).
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Since we cannot necessarily trust that everyone in the lab will be exceedingly
anal about pipetting we just buy the aerosol tips for use only for PCR
(especially when going into stock solutions) and for use when making labelled
probes.  We find that it cuts down significantly on cross contamination.  The
use for label is great, too.  Until we got them people in the lab were
routinely nuking their pipetmen.  We buy the tips from VWR (mostly 'cause we
have a state contract with them that gives us significant discounts).  They
come in the following sizes: 1-20 ul; 20- 150ul; and 1 ml tips (for P-1000
pipetman or equivalent).

Rae Nishi
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