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>Anyone -


>I have a silver stained gel in which the staining was to say the least
>overzealous and now the gel is all silver!  It is a rather important
>compound I am after and I need to destain and start again.

>Does anyone know how to get rid of the color?

>Respond here or catsup at


>Christopher M. Gross

There is a very simple reaction adopted from photography (used
in many neutral silver staining protocols - and: IT WORKS!)

Make a dry mixture of:

Sodiumthiosulfate   30g
Sodiumbicarbonate 10g
Potassiumferricyanide  60g
-> store dry

use 1.5g in 300 ml aqua dest.

destain the gel 1-30 sec.; be careful: bands can disappear !

good luck,

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