Pouring sequencing gels w/o leaking

James Gibbs gibbs at husc4.harvard.edu
Thu Jul 1 22:12:14 EST 1993

The only problem I have with pouring horizontal gels, letting capillary
action fill the plates, is bubbles. If bubbles occur, how can you get them

What I do is to apply the tiniest bit of grease to the bottom of the two
side spacers, where they meet the bottom spacer. This completely
eliminates all leaking.

If bubbles appear while you are pouring, righten the setup and tip it from
side to side, causing the level of the poured gel to dip below the bubble.
It may be necessary to tap with the handle of a screwdriver as you pour in
some places to prevent bubbles from forming. I pour the gels in a
near-horizontal position, supported by a rack on one end. Righting the
setup causes the level of the poured gel to drop, which is often enough to
expose and pop the bubble.

And wear those gloves! :)

gibbs at husc4.harvard.edu

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