silver stain

Sat Jul 3 23:45:02 EST 1993

I have tried essentially all of the suggestions offered so far and have 
found them effective.  If I may offer my 2 cents worth additionally, we have 
found that Kodak Rapid-Fix also works well to destain silver-stained gels.  
If desired, soak the destained gel in distilled water for a bit, and you 
can re-silver stain it if it over destained.  Also, you can Coomassie Blue 
stain it; this produces an asthetically 'pretty' gel, but may visualize 
some polypeptides that don't silver stain.  Cheers,   Shaun
  = Shaun D. Black, PhD     | Internet:  shaun%jason.decnet at = 
  = Dept. of Biochemistry   | University of Texas Health Center, at Tyler = 

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