Pouring sequencing gels w/o leaking

Patricia Foster pfoster at bu.edu
Mon Jul 5 15:47:53 EST 1993

James Gibbs (gibbs at husc4.harvard.edu) wrote:

: The only problem I have with pouring horizontal gels, letting capillary
: action fill the plates, is bubbles. If bubbles occur, how can you get them
: out?

(stuff deleted)

: It may be necessary to tap with the handle of a screwdriver as you pour in

    Well, I am unimpressed!  The reason I started using tape and pouring
at an angle is to stop having to get physical with my gels and banging
the bubbles out.  I think I'll stick to my method.
BTW, the plunger of a 50 ml disposable syringe is a good banger.


Patricia L. Foster
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA USA
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