Pouring sequencing gels w/o leaking

Baldauf at imb.lan.nrc.ca Baldauf at imb.lan.nrc.ca
Tue Jul 6 10:38:00 EST 1993

>> (stuff deleted)
>> : It may be necessary to tap with the handle of a screwdriver as you pour
>> BTW, the plunger of a 50 ml disposable syringe is a good banger.
>Does anyone else "fish out" the bubbles?  I'm not into banging on the glass
>(makes me nervous), but when I do get bubbles, I sort of fish them out
>using a long piece of spacer material that has a hook shape cut at the end

Doesn't anyone else ever try wedging the plates apart?  I was taught to use
a pipette tip (20-200 ul size), crushed flat at the tip for about 1/2 cm.
Clamp plates together and then force the tip inbetween the places, about
1/4-1/2 cm in (at the top, somewhere near the middle).  Gels pour quickly and
almost entirely without bubbles.  Any bubbles that form rise quickly to the
top.  Then pull out the tip and insert combs.

BTW, the fool (er person) who taught me this flattened the tips by chewing
on them!  I use the handle of a pair of scissors or some like object.


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