Double-Take(stratagene's mut. kit)?

Eugene Kim ekim at
Tue Jul 6 13:53:15 EST 1993

Has anyone tried or heard anything about Stratagene's new mutagenesis kit,
which claims 70% efficiency using DOUBLE-STRANDED plasmids! It should
theoretically speed up mutagenesis, especially if your using plasmids that
don't have m13 sequences for isolation of ss phage DNA. We're considering
giving it a try, but it's currently on back order. What I really wanted to
know was whether a) the efficiency is 70% as they claim, and whether large
plasmids have the same or similar efficiency of mutagenesis (the control
plasmid used was a bluescript plasmid with a 1.1 kb insert, according to
the hotline operator...). Any advice you can share with me about this would
be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
Gene Kim
ekim at

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