Library Screen

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Tue Jul 6 09:58:24 EST 1993

	I am working on the cDNA library screen with polyconal antibody. I 
am upset with the trouble problem which was the second screeening failed. I 
use the expression library system with the bacterialphage (ZAP II) in Y1090 (
minus). There were one or two positive signals of plaques in the first 
screening per 17 mm plate. It was normal. Then I collected the positive 
plaque and the neighbor plaques and plated these mixture of phages in the 
second screening. How strange it was. Every plaque was positive in the 
 9mm plate of second screeening. I used BSA as blocking agent and did 
preabsoption for antibody in the first and second screeening. 
	Did you ever have the same problem? or give me some suggestion? 

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