looking for a PC clone of mac programs!!?

01moo at ac.dal.ca 01moo at ac.dal.ca
Wed Jul 7 16:37:28 EST 1993

I am looking for a software program for the PC which will do 
everything relating to DNA/RNA/PROTEIN analysis.  It must 
allow for sequence input, editing, and conversion to the 
various formats required by GENBANK, EMBL, etc.  Multiple 
sequence comparisons are a must, and the program must be able 
to handle more than 2 sequences at a time.  i have tried 
SEQAID, AUTHORIN, MACAW, and others.  A Windows based 
application would be nice (MACAW was good, but where can i get 
a good, updated copy?), but one which will replace the 
multitude of programs i have on my computer would be great.
        DNA stryder, and MacVECTOR for the macintosh are great 
programs!  is there anything similar for the PC?
Note: the programs do not have to be shareware, or public 
domaian.  Commercial program recommendations are welcome as 
well.  Thanks for your time!
(please e-mail replies if possible)
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