Pouring sequencing gels w/o leaking

Sarah Dorazio sdorazio at miasun.med.miami.edu
Wed Jul 7 15:13:10 EST 1993

In article <1993Jul7.000526.15127 at vax.oxford.ac.uk> dnicker at vax.oxford.ac.uk writes:
>Okay, here's my 2 cents. . . I am surprised that there has been (so far as I
>know, and I may have missed the beginning of this thread) no mention of the
>latest apparatus being marketed by Bio-Rad.  As a total amateur I began using
>their setup and had gel-pouring mastered very quickly.  Their method involves

We have been using the BioRad appartus for a few years now and
are also very happy with the ease of pouring gels.  Has anyone
else had trouble with leaks occurring, probably between the
plates?  When our IPC plate was about a year old, the seal
seemed to go bad, and it ending up cracking when an undetected
leak caused the gel to get too hot.  BioRad replaced the IPC
plate, but I was wondering if this was a common problem or
just our bad luck!

Sarah D'Orazio
sdorazio at miasun.med.miami.edu
Univ. of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, FL

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