Glucocorticoid-Responsive Genes

Eric_Atkinson at Eric_Atkinson at
Wed Jul 7 15:26:46 EST 1993

I've been asked to post a query from somebody that has recently started to
study gene regulation by steroid hormones.  Through a twist of fate, she has
found herself working with mouse L929 cells (fibroblasts) as a model system,
and, if possible, would like to continue to use them.  What she would like to
know is, what genes are transcriptionally activated in L929 cells by incubation
with dexamethasone?  If anybody could come up with a suggestion, please post or
(preferably) E-mail directly to me, and I'll pass on the information to her. 
Also, if you don't know of any steroid-responsive genes in L cells, but you do
know of some in other widely available mouse cell lines, please send that
information.  She is willing to change cell types for some experiments if it is
Thanks in advance.

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