cloning PCR products into vectors

Morris F. Manolson mm6y+ at
Wed Jul 7 15:14:09 EST 1993

Dear bio-netters,  I would like to take a survey about the method 
of choice for cloning PCR products into vectors.  Please vote for what
you beleive is the superior method.  I will tabulate and post the 
results in one week. 

Method 1) TA cloning
       2) filling in the overhang, and doing blunt-end ligations
       3) designing oligonucleotides with restriction sites on the 5' 

       4) others

For those of you doing TA cloning,  I would also like to know the source
of vector with the 3' T overhang.  I remember a post on materials and methods
a while back where someone constructed a plasmid with a tandom copy of one
restriction site which when cut left overhanging Ts...does
this ring a bell with anyone?  Thanks in advance for all votes and comments.

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