Large scale sequencing

Dr. A. Rosenthal arosenth at
Thu Jul 8 17:43:43 EST 1993

In article <36128.jdboer at>, jdboer at SOL.UVIC.CA ("Johan de Boer") writes:
> Hello netters,
> I would appreciate opinions from people who do large scale DNA sequencing.
> Are you doing a lot of sequencing of the same sequence over and over again,
> with automated sequencers? How do you organize it? How many people are
> involved? How many gels can you expect to run a week per machine?
> We are planning such a high throughput effort with 2 or 3 machines and would
> like to know what is reasonable to expect.
> Johan de Boer
> jdboer at
> University of Victoria, Canada

For shotgun projects what we do is in:
NAR, 1993, Vol 21, No 1, 173-174

If pushed to the limits, with 2 abi machines, and 1-2 workers, one can seq.
about 140 samples (>300bp each) per day. Assuming 36 lanes per run, and 2 runs/day,
template prep. included.

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