Cloning & expression of algal genes in yeast

Ramin Charles Nakisaramin r.nakisa at
Thu Jul 8 14:23:36 EST 1993

I want to express a number of algal genes in yeast. Can anyone recommend a 
strategy for mRNA purification and construction of a cDNA library?

The genomic sequences are between 1.2 and 2 kb in length. I have about 300 
b.p. of sequence from the central region of each gene and a number of 
positive clones from a lambda GEM-11 genomic library.

I already have a yeast expression vector but am unsure which vector to use 
for the library.

Please send replies to mbrpe at   I'll post a summary.

Richard Pearson,
Biophysics Section,
The Blackett Lab,
Imperial College,
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