Antibody-binding to DNA

Thu Jul 8 08:05:00 EST 1993

Dear All,
   I recently ran a series of standard PAGE-retardation analyses using
20mer oligonucleotides labelled with 32P. The Oligo's contain the sequence
for the binding of AP-1 (fos/jun). I retarded these oligo probes with various
fibroblast cell nuclear extracts and got specific bands. To show the presence
of specific transcription factors in this complex I added antibodies to c-fos
and c-jun (ie in seperate reactions) and got what I thought were appropriate
supershifted complexes. I have now had it suggested to me that these complexes
may be due to the antibody serum binding the oligonucleotide probes directly.
Does anyone know anything more about this phenomenum? It is new to me
Thanks Graham Atherton

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