Extracting DNA from low-melt agarose gels

the End jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu
Thu Jul 8 22:48:06 EST 1993

T. B. Shin has here clearly pointed out the best isolation method in my hands.
I do however use low-melt. You may want to check out the last item in the FAQ
for more suggestions. Eluted material from this procedure has however
proven difficult to EthOH precipitate in my hands. The eluted material can
be used direcly in many applications. A relevant article suggested using 
glycogen as a carrier for precipitation in the presence of residual agarose.

Mike Coady reported to me recently that fragments prepared in this 
way, and ligated directly without the precipitation, were only about 4 fold
less efficiently joined than the same fragments in the absence of residual
agarose. In contrast, Maniatis reports large decreases in efficiency when 
fragments are ligated direclty in metled agaorse. 

J. Graham
Indiana University Bloomington

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