Problems with Promega silver sequencing kit

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Fri Jul 9 15:56:48 EST 1993

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>>We tried the Promega silver sequencing kit. We have problems with it
>>The biggest being partof the gel stuck to the siliconized plate instead
>>of the "bind silane"-treated plate and thus splitting the gel. Anybody
>>has any ideas/similar expierences?
>>Thanks for your time.

	I had this problem a couple of years ago. I soved it by two 
changes in my proceedure.  First, I substiuted "RAIN-X" for the
"repel" silane (read this in a _Biotechniques_ article).  You can 
get RAIN-X at any auto parts store!
	Second, I make sure the bind silane plate is dry and well
washed with ETOH.  Too much bind silane seems to migrate through
the gel or something to get onto the other glass plate??


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