IBM image manip. software

Fri Jul 9 15:45:11 EST 1993

In response to the questions regarding IBM software for manipulating scans of
your autoradiographs I would like to share some thoughts. As an undergraduate
I was the photo editor for the campus paper and we worked exclusively off Mac
because Macs are designed for graphic arts and desktop publishing. IBMs are
great business machines but really don't do the things a Mac can. I don't know
of any sophisticated software for IBM that will let you do nearly as much as
PHOTO Shop or Adobe Illustrator will in MAC. I may be wrong. Go out and buy
some copies of MacWorld magazine and find out who makes scanning and
manipulation software and call 'em up and ask. The people at the software
companies may know of a source of something for IBM.

If not.. try and finagle your department head into purchasinga MAC software and
a scanner.

Jamie Stanek

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