AutoR software

Paulo Magalhaes pamaga at
Fri Jul 9 08:59:14 EST 1993


We need to "quantify/analyze" autoradiograms. A lab close to ours has just
shown us what they have: a Mac, a scanner, PhotoShop, and Image - they can
do pretty amazing stuff with this... Unfortunatelly we are "PC people" and
it would be somewhat strange to acquire a Mac just to manipulate autoRs...
Since the scanning process is relatively quick, our friendly neighbours will
not shout too much if we do the scanning there, but it would be extremely
convenient to be able to transfer the image back to our PCs, for the
subsequent analysis. So, what we're really looking for is something that
will do the equivalent of IMAGE, but on a PC... Any suggestions?

Many thanks in anticipation,


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