Oligos for mutagenesis: How pure?

Cornelius Krasel zxmkr08 at studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de
Sat Jul 10 05:03:22 EST 1993

In <1993Jul9.160756.56 at cnbvx3.cnb.uam.es> mrege at cnbvx3.cnb.uam.es writes:

>I need some oligos for site-directed mutagenesis, and I've found
>(I'm not planning to purify them by myself, but to buy them to the
>cheapest-but-reliable source available. Some hints on this are also

Why don't you want to purify themselves... it's just a day's extra
work and very easy to do (by PAGE) ... and think of the money you
could save :-)


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