chloral hydrate

Barbara E. Liedl bl14 at
Sat Jul 10 22:34:52 EST 1993

After two years of working out a clearing protocol for floral tissues in
Lycopersicon teamed with GUS histochemcial activity, I can finally do the
experiment I need to do.  However, we also decided to write up the protocol
and get it published.  The catch is the protocol uses chloral hydrate (what
is often referred to as knockout drops or what is put in a Mickey Finn) in
the clearing fluid.  To obtain chloral hydrate in the U.S. you need a
controlled substance license.  Not something most researchers have sitting
around.  (As an aside, we tried several methods and even with the problems
of using chloral hydrate found this one worked the best).  Anyway the
journal accepted the protocol, but the editor wants us to add information
on limitations and restrictions on chloral hydrate outside the U.S.  In
particular, we would be interested in information from Europe,
Australia/South Pacific, South America, and Japan.  Does anyone have this
information or have any great suggestions of where to look for this
information?  We also need the information quickly, as the editor is
getting the page proofs to us in the next two weeks.   

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