What is miracloth?

Ann Fraser fraser at scws5.harvard.edu
Mon Jul 12 12:03:33 EST 1993

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dd544 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Paul F. Lehmann Ph.d.) writes:
>In a preparation for DNA from plants, the author uses miracloth
>to filter the preparation.  I can't trace the author (Anil Jhingan)
>so can someone enlighten me what miracloth is?
>Thank you

You can get Miracloth from CalBiochem, I believe, but they
charge a small fortune for it.  I use non-woven fabric interfacing
(which is what Miracloth appears to be) in DNA preps for filtering
out big bits of garbage.  At approx US$ 0.79/yd, it may
be worth trying.  

Lisa Vawter
vawter at harvard.edu

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