AutoR software - new thoughts

Paulo Magalhaes pamaga at
Tue Jul 13 04:02:36 EST 1993

A while back I posted a request for "quantification/analysis" of scanned
images of autoradiograms. Thanks for the contributions. Here's a brief
review and some more questions :)

* Image Master, from Pharmacia - it sounds pretty good, but the price is
  ridiculously high...

* PhotoShop for Windows - does this program do exactly the same thing as
  the Mac version? Who commercializes it?

* QuantiScan, from BioSoft - does this program do the same as Image 1.44
  (for the Mac)? Does anyone have any experience with it? It seems as if
  it is a good alternative, but we'd like to know a little more about it
  before we take the plunge. Price, anyone?

* AND AGAIN: we're still looking for a PC program that provides the same
  features as Image 1.44 - amongst other things, we need to quantify and
  print autoRs... Your suggestions will be much appreciated.

That's all for the time being :)

All the best from Copenhagen,


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