Inquiry re: How to strip DIG DNA Probed Nylon Membranes..?

TIM CHIPMAN 901106c at
Tue Jul 13 09:13:12 EST 1993

I have been attempting to get DIG DNA detection techniques to work for quite 
some time now (Using a kit from Boehringer Mannheim). I have successfully 
managed to probe many membranes and end up with them totally blue (ie: very 
high backgroud levels). I would like to strip the membranes of color and 
probe, for re-use purposes.

A while ago, I posted this question, and someone told me to boil the 
membranes in 0.2x SET, then store them in the freezer. However, I have no 
idea what SET is, nor do I have the address of the person who sent me this 

I do have the hot DMF protocol here from the B-M genius guide manual/
troubleshooting book. However, given how nasty DMF is, and that I can't find 
any around the lab right now, I was hoping that someone could help me out 
with alternate techniques.

Thanks very much!

Tim Chipman

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