Plasmid Construction .. Will this work?

steven joseph chmura sjchmura at
Wed Jul 14 11:49:24 EST 1993

I am trying to contruct a single plasmid from 2.
I have a CMV-rabbit globin-Gene#1 plasmid
My second plasmid is a CMV-B-gal report gene.

There is a cut site between the CMV-Rabbit which has the same overhangs
as the cut site for B-gal.

Can I simply remove the B-gal gene(assuming it has no intrinsic stop loops -
but then agin should that matter since it is eucariotic machinery?)an d
insert it between the CMV promoter and the rabbit exon-intron-exon 

Will the message still be transctribed all the way down to Gene#1?


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