Oligos.How pure? SUMMARY

Josefina Enfedaque josefina at farmacia.ub.es
Wed Jul 14 15:25:13 EST 1993

Hi everyone,

There has been many replies to my question:
Are cartridge-purified oligonucleotides pure enough for site-directed
mutagenesis experiments?

Well, the answer is YES. Most of people who answered me routinarily use 
cartridge (OPC)-purified oligos, but some of the people reported that
unpurified ones (deblocked and desalted, and then pptd with EtOH or 
butanol) work also well, not only for mutagenesis but also for PCR, 
sequencing, etc.

Many thanks to all who kindly has given me his/her advice. I will save
a lot of money! :-)



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