Sterilizing Pipette Tips

Patricia Foster pfoster at
Thu Jul 15 13:00:07 EST 1993

Hi Netters,
  We have just purchased an Eppendorf repeater pipette and
were horrified to discover that the tips for most volumes
are not autoclavable.  The presterilized tips are about 40%
more expensive which makes them prohibitive for ordinary use.
We have been experimenting and find that the outside
(polypropylene) survives fine, but the plunger
(polyethylene) gets soft but is still usable.  The manufacturer
claims the accuracy is destroyed, although I can't see why.
  Has anyone successfully solved this problem.  A previous poster
said tips could be sterilized by microwaving.  Has anyone else
tried this, and with the plungers?
Patricia L. Foster
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA USA
pfoster at

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