Sterilizing Pipette Tips

Thu Jul 15 19:38:24 EST 1993

>   We have just purchased an Eppendorf repeater pipette and
> were horrified to discover that the tips for most volumes
> are not autoclavable.  The presterilized tips are about 40%
> more expensive which makes them prohibitive for ordinary use.
> We have been experimenting and find that the outside
> (polypropylene) survives fine, but the plunger
> (polyethylene) gets soft but is still usable.  The manufacturer
> claims the accuracy is destroyed, although I can't see why.
>   Has anyone successfully solved this problem.  A previous poster
> said tips could be sterilized by microwaving.  Has anyone else
> tried this, and with the plungers?


I personally don't feel like doing to pipet tips what some people in
my lab do when they want a hot twinkie for a snack, but do you have
access to a gas autoclave system?  We can't autoclave the tips with
any reliability either (it's batch dependent for us) but have been
able to use a sister hospital's gas autoclave.  Works.

- ivan

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