Gelase instead of Geneclean

Mary Metzler, Plants, x8076 METZLER at ALA.BTK.UTU.FI
Thu Jul 15 09:06:06 EST 1993

Has anyone tried Gelase, which is an enzyme which digests LM agarose,
which eliminates the necessity of using Geneclean? I am tired of the
low yields and unreliability of Geneclean. I also sometimes have to
work with big fragments which aren't compatable with Geneclean. Has
anyone used Gelase? You are supposed to be able to simply ethanol
precipitate the DNA in your gel slice after digesting with this 
enzyme for an hour. Does anyone know if it works, and if it is 
	Mary Metzler
	University of Turku
	Turku, Finland
	Metzler at

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