Frequency of recombination

Zophonias Oddur Jonsson zjons at
Thu Jul 15 05:17:25 EST 1993

In <1993Jul13.084043.2440 at> bss1jm at (Dr Johnjoe Mcfadden) writes:

>Does anyone know if recombination frequencies can be increased by
>incresing the level of expression of eg. the recA gene in bacteria?

>I am working with a bug that has a very low rate of recombination that
>makes it difficult to do allele exchange etc.
>Would it be possible to place the E.coli recA gene under the control of
>a strong promoter, into these cells to increase the level of

>What happens if the E. coli recA gene is overexpressed?
>Any ideas?
>Johnjoe McFadden
>School of Biological Sciences
>University of Surrey, Surrey, UK.
>J.McFadden at UK.AC.SURREY

This does not sound like a very good idea to me.  Overexpressing recA would
probably lead to the breakdown of most of your 'bugs' lexA repressor (recA
breaks down lexA) and thereby upset the whole SOS system.  Not a very happy
situation.  There may be some ways around this... I don't know, but I guess
you could find an easier way.

Zophonias O Jonsson
University of Iceland
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