Fourie Joubert bio1 at navi.up.ac.za
Fri Jul 16 01:49:59 EST 1993

Hey everyone!

I am not familiar with electroporation systems or protocols (bacterial) and
would like to hear from people who know something about the ECM200
electroporator of BTX Inc., San Diego.  Is it good enough? - how much
difference in efficiency can one expect between cheaper and more expensive

I would furher appreciate any information on the comparative efficiencies
with which common lab strains such as JM109 and XL1blue may be 
electroporated.  Also, can strains such as JM109 etc. be prepared and
frozen without adversely affecting the yield of transformants - should any
specific strain be used in particular?

Thanks in advance for any relevant information

Louis Nel

Please respond to mikro_1 at agric.up.ac.za!!!

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