Agarose Gel Staining For Scanning/Digitizing...???

TIM CHIPMAN 901106c at
Fri Jul 16 08:12:14 EST 1993

i just downloaded some nifty software from called 
"Gel Reader" which claims it will find lanes, bands, compare them to known 
MW values, etc. Sounds great. One detail which I still am totally at a loss 
for is: How can I stain an agarose gel to render it usefull for either 
scanning or image capture with a ccd videocamera/frame grabber setup..?
Currently we use EtBr for all our gels, and for digitizing purposes, this 
does not appear to do the trick. I was sent a procedure for Staining using 
brilliant cresyl blue from Dr. Joseph Behnam at the university of reading, 
but I've been having a great deal of trouble getting this procedure to work, 
and I'm having trouble getting in touch with him.

So. If anyone can help me, or point me out to a reference that summarizes 
proticols for agaros gel staining, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks very much!

Tim Chipman

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