Pipette Tips, Summary

Patricia Foster pfoster at bu.edu
Fri Jul 16 15:55:49 EST 1993

Sterilizing Pipette tips, Summary

Hi Netters,
	Well this was fun.  Everyone seemed to enjoy sharing his/her 
inventions.  I have two categories of information to share.  First, dealing 
with the non-autoclavable Combitips for Eppendorf repeater pipette.

The winning sterilization method came from Shoumo:

>I use these by sterilizing in 70% EtOH (just draw some up throw it out, 
>and remove the EtOH by repeating the process with sterile water, LB, or 
>whatever,) this works fine even for tissue culture.

Simple, elegant, cheap and effective (see below)

Lots of people just go ahead and autoclave them, although the 
manufacturer warns that the plunger can crack.  We found they survived 
fine when the two parts are autoclaved together (15 min) but C Cho Yue 
wraps them separately.

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