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Mon Jul 19 09:53:00 EST 1993

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Subject: Transcriptional Terminator
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Date: 19 Jul 93 14:53:15 GMT
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I need a strong EUKARYOTIC transcriptional terminator. 

I'm building a plasmid expression vector that will be used for transient
expression in human cells. My cDNA will be under the transcriptional control 
of a strong promoter (RSV 3'LTR), will be followed by a poly A signal BUT 
I want to eliminate the posibility that ANY other plasmid derived ORF's 
(eg. ampicillin resistance gene, origin ORF's...etc ) will get expressed.

In the ideal world the terminator would come with some nice sites either side!

Does anyone out there have or know of such a terminator.

If you do could you email me direct and I will summarise back to the net.

Many thanks

Steve Hyde
ICRF, IMM, Oxford, UK

Internet:  s_hyde at

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