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>Hi netfolks
>I would be grateful if anyone could send me their protocols for far-western 
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>Shoumo Bhattacharya
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>RPMS Hammersmith Hospital
>London UK

Here are two references to the use of this procedure for detecting nicotinic
acetylcholine receptors.  As far as I know, this is the first use of the
'far-western' blotting procedure.

Also, I would like to immodestly point interested readers to my short letter
on the "Hawaiian blot", which uses one antibody to immobilize the blotted
protein and another (raised in a different species) to detect it.  I'm at
home, don't have my CV here (maybe I should :-) ) but it's in BioTechniques
April 1989 I think or if you e-mail me I'll send you a reprint (I have lots
:-) ).



  Hawrot E.  Wilson PT.  Gershoni JM.  Reese JH.  Lentz TL.  
  Alpha-bungarotoxin binding to a high molecular weight component from lower
  vertebrate brain identified on dodecyl sulfate protein-blots.
  Brain Research.  [JC:b5l]  373(1-2):227-34, 1986 May 14.

  Wilson PT.  Gershoni JM.  Hawrot E.  Lentz TL.  
  Binding of alpha-bungarotoxin to proteolytic fragments of the alpha
  subunit of Torpedo acetylcholine receptor analyzed by protein transfer on
  positively charged membrane filters.
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
  America.  [JC:pv3]  81(8):2553-7, 1984 Apr.
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