Want software for PCR primer design

Christopher Kashina Patil cpatil at leland.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jul 19 19:07:03 EST 1993

I am looking for a software package which allows the user to input a 
polypeptide sequence (ideally, a group of aligned homologous sequences)
and will output the sequences of optimized PCR primers (in the case of
aligned homologous sequences, these primers would be degenerate).

Any information about programs which assist in PCR primer design given 
a polypeptide sequence would be greatly appreciated. Mac or IBM compatibility
is preferred. Since I don't read the news especially often, it would be 
best if information were sent to the address above/below.

Thanks very much in advance.

Chris Patil				Stanford University
cpatil at leland.stanford.edu		Department of Biological Sciences
"That in our day such giant shadows are cast by such pygmies only shows
how late in the day it has become." -- Chargaff, referring to Watson & Crick

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