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: Is there a need to clean up the DNA sup after spinning? I always do, for fear of
: those much talked about inhibitors in agarose....

Yes. You need to do extraction with an equal (or more) volume of saturated 
butanol to eliminate EthBr. (Sorry, I didn't write it in the original posting).
BTW, I mention again, I'm not the original poster of this method. I'll look-up
his/her name tommorow in my archives...

  Usually I do a phenol/
: chloroform step then ETOH ppt, but I'd like to omit these steps if possible
: I tend to loose too much DNA if the fragment is small (100bp)...

You may add carrier (glycogen, tRNA etc.), spin longer and best is - 
read the excellent summary on EtOH precipitation that appeared here, and is
in the FAQ list as well.

  Besides, our
: institute has very strict regulation on phenol use ......SO!  By the way, is
: there a specific grade/brand of agarose for retrieving DNA in this manner, clean
: enough for ligation??

I don't think so. I did it with plain agarose at 1 - 2%, as well as with 
SeaKem's special brands at 4% and obtained good results (Including good 


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