Pre-stained protein markers

Stephen Gisselbrecht gisselbr at
Tue Jul 20 10:43:44 EST 1993

In article <CAFKDE.7AD at> paul-b at (Paul Bucciaglia) writes:
>We need a procedure for "pre-staining" proteins to run on SDS-PAGE so that the markers are visible on the gel while its running.  BioRad sells such markers
>but they're very pricy.
>Paul bucciaglia
>U of MN Hort Dept.

	Uh, Coomassie Blue will stay on proteins through electrophoresis.
(I was going to say that it stains irreversibly, but it's pointed out to
me that hot acetic acid will take it off.  So if you do your
electrophoresis in hot acetic acid, ignore this.)  Just add some to
whatever markers you normally use and, voila, you have pre-stains.  Like
all pre-stained markers, though, these will have a different molecular
weight than the unstained proteins.

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