ECL and Western Blots

Helmut Dotzlaw dotzlaw at
Tue Jul 20 09:56:18 EST 1993

In article <17906 at>, lees at (Steve Lee) wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone out there has used Amersham's ECL kit for
> western blot detection... is it as sensitive as they claim it is?
I have.  I'm not sure if it's as sensitive as they "claim", but I can say
that it is definitely much more sensitive than AP.  From zero signal on AP
to a "blasting" exposure using the ECL.  It's less work than AP, too.  We
use it all the time now.

> also, what's the maximun amount of protein that someone has successfully
> loaded onto Bio-Rad's Mini-Protean II?
I've gone up to 500 ug on a 1.5mm gel using the 10-well spacers. 


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