Drawing and graphing software - the concencus.

Tue Jul 20 09:53:00 EST 1993

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for opinions on good 
software packages for drawing slides/poster presentation and for drawing
graphs. Due to the size of the response I have simply recorded votes for 
each package here:-

Drawing                Coreldraw...........7 votes
                 Freelance Graphics........3 votes
                  Aldus Freehand...........2 votes
                Harvard Graphics...........2 votes
                   Micrographix............1 vote for, 2 against!

Graphs               SlidewriterPlus.......5 votes
                     Stanford Graphics.....2 votes
                     Cricket Graph.........2 votes
                        Coreldraw..........1 vote against.

I am thus getting CorelDraw after trying it out in direct comparison with
Harvard Graphics. I will get version 3, as it is very cheap since v4 came
out, and it is less taxing on my wee hard disc. It fulfils all of our
requirements and many we haven't thought of yet.
We also have convenient 'in house' advice available for CorelDraw from
people who already use it - though it seemed very easy to use with very
good control over the drawing.
For drawing graphs I am trying out Cricket Graph as it is already available
on the VAX here and thus costs nothing, we await the update someone mentioned
with interest. As this software is on the VAX it also uses very little hard
disc space. If I find that this is not up to requirements, I will consider
getting slidewriterPlus, assuming it meets the constraints of our PC.

Once again thanks to everyone for their invaluable advice and I hope this 
survey will be some use to others

Graham Atherton

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