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>Andres) writes:
>> I have prepared ssDNA from pBS KS+ plasmid containing the f1 replication 
>>site by infecting with the R408 phage. One of the ways some people suggested 
>>that I canbe sure of what I have is indeed ssDNA is to run my sample along 
>>with single stranded molecular weight marker in the gel.  However, such a 
>>product does not seem to exist in the market.  Has anyone out there come 
>>across a single stranded molecular weight market?  If not, is there any other 
>>way of determining whether a DNA sample is single stranded? 

Here's an idea. Make up an agarose gel with EtBr in it. Run your DNA against,
say, Lambda/HindIII. Put the gel onto the transilluminator for a few minutes,
and then run it a bit further. Take it back to the transilluminator. If the
sample is single stranded, it should get nicked to bits and more or less
vanish, as all of the component bits take off at differing speeds. If you try
this, please let me know if it works 8-).
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