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> In article <CAFL9A.GHK at news.Hawaii.Edu>, marilou at ahi.pbrc.hawaii.edu (Marilou
> Andres) writes:
> > I have prepared ssDNA from pBS KS+ plasmid containing the f1 replication
> >site by infecting with the R408 phage. One of the ways some people suggested
> >that I canbe sure of what I have is indeed ssDNA is to run my sample along
> >with single stranded molecular weight marker in the gel.  However, such a
> >product does not seem to exist in the market.  Has anyone out there come
> >across a single stranded molecular weight market?  If not, is there any other
> >way of determining whether a DNA sample is single stranded?

S1 nuclease sensitivity....also, running it on a native and a denaturing
gel relative to dsDNA marker fragments.  Simple!  Same way we prove dsRNA
is and not ss.

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