SDS and Protein Quantification

Jason Mills Mills_j at
Thu Jul 22 17:00:17 EST 1993

     Just wanted to ask if anyone out there had a good method for
determining the amount of protein in cell extracts containing 2% SDS.  I've
been researching the literature up and down and have only been able to come
up with two solutions: 1) do Lowries (which we aren't set up to do) 2) do
some sort of TCA precipitation and dot blotting (which we were set up to do
until our dot-blotter got broken).  I only have one set of samples with
this level of SDS and, thus, am trying to avoid anything I would have to
buy more reagents for.  
     Interestingly, I thought I found the answer a couple of days ago when
I saw a paper describing a modified Bradford which was supposed to --
according to the paper which referenced it -- be able to handle large SDS
concentrations.  Only after I ran to the library with bated breath and read
the paper 5 times over did it sink in that they were saying the exact
opposite -- that they couldn't get any modification of the Bradford to work
in the presenced of SDS.  You just can't trust what youe read anymore...


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