Amersham takes over USB - Canadian price for Sequenase soars

Martin E. Mulligan mulligan at
Mon Jul 26 19:18:18 EST 1993

In article <CAsF2v.70L at>, Peter T. Boag <BOAGP at QUCDN.QUEENSU.CA> writes:
> We have used Sequenase sequencing kits for several years, ordering
> directly from
> USB in the USA. As a result of the takeover of USB by Amersham we
> are now forced to order	
> from Amersham in Canada. No problem there, cross border ordering was
> always a hassle.
> But of course Amersham has doubled the Sequenase prices, not upped
> them 30% to 	
> cover exchange rate differences. We have no choice but to stop using
> Sequenase.	Has anyone
> else encountered a similar problem? Any sign that Amersham is
> willing to listen to	
> pleas for better price structuring for old USB customers?
> ******************************************************************

For us, the new price represents nothing more than the status quo.  Since
USB shipped by Emery, and since they took 5 days we always had to ask
for extra dry ice otherwise we risked getting a shipment of useless
enzyme.  This cost lots of $$$.   The US catalogue price of $185
became almost $500 Canadian by the time all was said and done (this 
was before GST, too).  I reckon that we might save a few bucks now
and have better shipping.  Still, next time I see an Amersham agent
I'll raise the issue (it will be a while - they don't come down
here too often).

On a related gripe, am I correct in thinking that Biotechniques is now
available free in Europe as well as in the US?  If so, how come
Canadians cannot get free subscriptions?

Martin E. Mulligan
Dept. of Biochemistry
Memorial University of Newfoundland

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