RNA interference with PCR

Terese M Barta-1 barta001 at STAFF.TC.UMN.EDU
Mon Jul 26 15:58:40 EST 1993

Dear netters:
A while ago, I posted a message asking for information about whether RNA
in a bacterial DNA sample would interfere with PCR.  Some people said it
was not likely; other people provided me with references and experiences
that indicated that it did. I decided it didn't hurt to try RNasing my sample.
After I RNased the sample, my PCR reactions started working (same reagents
and everything-just different sample). While some might argue that it was
just luck (I did not include a non-RNAsed sample for comparison because I
was running out of DNA) I think this result supports the idea that a large
amount of RNA in a sample interferes with DNA-based PCR.

Just thought I'd post this update in case anybody is interested...

T. M. Barta
Univ. of Minnesota

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