Amersham takes over USB - Canadian price for Sequenase soars

Mon Jul 26 14:49:43 EST 1993

We have used Sequenase sequencing kits for several years, ordering
directly from
USB in the USA. As a result of the takeover of USB by Amersham we
are now forced to order	
from Amersham in Canada. No problem there, cross border ordering was
always a hassle.
But of course Amersham has doubled the Sequenase prices, not upped
them 30% to 	
cover exchange rate differences. We have no choice but to stop using
Sequenase.	Has anyone
else encountered a similar problem? Any sign that Amersham is
willing to listen to	
pleas for better price structuring for old USB customers?

Peter T. Boag			TEL: (613) 545-6160
Department of Biology		FAX: (613) 545-6617
Queen's University			EMAIL: BOAGP at QUCDN.QUEENSU.CA
Kingston, Ontario
Canada  K7L3N6


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