RNAase and PCR

Petur Henry Petersen php at rhi.hi.is
Tue Jul 27 16:19:46 EST 1993

	YO folks!
	I have been isolating DNA for PCR but now I would like to use
an RNAse to do its thing on my samples. What I was wondering about was
wheter there would be any problems with just putting the RNAse on my
previous isolated DNA-samples for ~30 min and THEN just put the DNA in
the PCR? I dont see any problems with that but I have seen protocoles
where you where supposed to mix the RNAse in before the
phenolextraction. If you see any complications to this picture could
you please email me as fast/soon as possible since I am on my way
to try this out (sic).

	Petur Henry Petersen
	php at lif.hi.is

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