ELISA and lectins

Tue Jul 27 13:24:00 EST 1993

Dear Netters:
	We are having difficulties measuring lectin levels in leaves of
Phaseolus. I don't know why. We measured lectin levels in seeds, years
ago, with no special problem. Then, we prepared our own antibodies. Now we 
bought them from Sigma and Pierce since new University regulations don't allow
us to use animals (I assure you we took good care of them).
	Is it that we have to clean a bit the leaves samples before the ELISA to
remove some enzymes like peroxidades in leaves? Many protocols are used for
 viruses in plants with no cleaning.

	Does anybody has a protocol or reference that we can compare with the
one we are using? Any suggestion will be GREATLY appreciated.

Cesar Reyes
Chemistry Dept
University of Puerto Rico
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00680
e-mail "c_reyes at rumac.upr.clu.edu"

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