Respiratory quotient - protein

Andrew Hobbs andrewh at
Tue Jul 27 20:57:15 EST 1993


I realize this is rather inappropriate for this newsgroup.  It belongs
in metabolic regulation but since that group is very new and severely
underpopulated, I have repeated the question here.  Perhaps you know
someone who might be able to help.

The question is :-

Can anyone help with the rationale and calculation for the RQ of protein
oxidation in an isolated cell system.  Remember that this is different
from the RQ of protein oxidation in the whole body when urea synthesis
is involved.  Does one just balance the equation for the oxidation of an
average amino acid, or does one have to take into account the reduction
of SS bonds etc.  

I would appreciate any replies be sent to my email address directly
since I am using a colleagues system.  Mine doesn't seem to want to use
the Newsnet at the moment.

mguppy at


Michael Guppy
Department of Biochemistry
University of Western Australia.

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